Mr. Wizard 2.0 - By Peter X and Shay Brunson (Download)

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Magic and Cards' first magic release!  And it's FREE!

This trick will blow your spectator's mind. A new variant of an old trick that gives it that extra convincer and makes it a lot easier to perform than before.

The spectator picks a card, you call or text your "Mr. Wizard" friend and your friend is able to read their mind and guess the chosen card. Nothing to hide, and the spectator can see the text and listen to the full phone call conversation on speaker. Very easy to do with no difficult memorization.

Peter X and Shay Brunson came up with a new method of coding and decoding to make it easy to communicate a card's suit and value without any confusing memorized codes. This concept can be applied to other tricks as well. We'll leave that up to your creativity!

The PDF download comes in English explanation as well as a Spanish version.

Contact us here or send us a message on Facebook MessengerFacebook or  Instagram Instagram  if you need help or have any comments, suggestions or feedback.

Special thanks to: Johnny New York, Mike Powers and Nick Pudar.


In loving memory of the awesome Nick Pudar (January 1962 - February 2022)


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