The Original Tarbell Course In Magic by Harlan Tarbell

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The Original Tarbell Course In Magic by Harlan Tarbell is a comprehensive and revered guide that has become a cornerstone in the world of magic. First published in 1927, this monumental work spans eight volumes, offering a wealth of knowledge and instruction on every aspect of magic, from basic principles to advanced techniques. Tarbell's meticulous attention to detail and his ability to teach with clarity and precision make this course an invaluable resource for aspiring magicians of all levels. With over 60 lessons, this legendary course covers a wide range of topics, including card magic, coin tricks, stage illusions, mentalism, and more. Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced magician looking to expand your repertoire, "The Original Tarbell Course In Magic" provides a comprehensive and structured approach that will help you develop your skills and captivate audiences with stunning performances. Embrace the legacy of Harlan Tarbell and embark on an enchanting journey of discovery with this iconic course.

This book is now in the public domain and is available to everyone who is passionate about all kinds of magic, illusions, mentalism and sleight-of-hand.