Butterfly Playing Cards Royal Purple Edition

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Edge marked playing cards provide an advantage that other marked decks can't achieve - you can read them without seeing the backs! That means you can find any card in the deck instantly! Butterfly playing cards are the world's most popular edge marked deck. Created by Ondrej Psenicka and designed by Stefan Eriksson, the Butterfly deck is as devious as it is beautiful.

In this exclusive collaboration with Penguin Magic, the Royal Purple edition of the Butterfly deck brings everything you know and love about the Butterflies to a gorgeous new colorway.

Hidden within the charming design are clever markings that allow you to perform incredibly powerful effects that will have your audience believing that you truly possess magic powers.

Printed in Belgium on Cartamundi slimline stock with B9 true linen finish and a modern cut, the Butterfly deck is a true joy to handle. The slim stock makes shuffles and springs a breeze while the linen texture and high-grade coating make sure that the deck will fan and spread beautifully for the life of the deck.

The cards have standard faces for familiarity during magic tricks. The deck includes two custom Butterfly Jokers, a custom Butterfly Aces, and an instruction card that teaches the built-in marking systems. You'll also receive an instructional video where Ondrej Psenicka teaches how to read the deck.

The deck is housed in a luxurious tuck box crafted from durable matte purple paper with the design stamped in white foil.

- Exclusive collaboration between Penguin Magic & Butterfly Playing Cards
- Created by Ondrej Psenicka & designed by Stefan Eriksson
- Marking systems can be read from the back or the edge
- One-way marks
- Standard faces for recognizability
- Custom Butterfly Jokers & Aces
- Instruction card & video included
- Cartamundi slimline stock with modern cut
- B9 true linen finish
- Matte purple tuck box with white foil