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This is the Stripper version of the Bicycle Invoked Playing Cards

"A marked deck that can easily and confidently be read from 6 feet away! I'm a stage magician so YES PLEASE. And this deck does so much more!"
- Keith Fields

"One of the most deceptive yet easy reads I've ever seen."
- Daniel Garcia

"A lot of thought went into the design of the Invoked Deck making it a strong tool for magicians to perform amazing and fooling magic. I love these cards!"
- Eric Jones

"The built in systems are of the best around. Great deck!"
- Franco Pascali

"This guy fooled the crap out of me with these cards!"
- Craig Petty

"The Invoked Deck is an amazing piece of engineering. The marking system is diabolical! This deck will stimulate a lot of creative thinking with limitless possibilities."
- Mike Powers

"This is something great for us Lovers of Marked Cards. Go get them!"
- Ondrej Psenicka

"I'm blind and I can see the markings from across the room - and the brilliant tricks are just a bonus."
- Gregory Wilson

Designed by our founder Peter X, an engineer, magician and a playing card enthusiast, the Invoked Deck has many powerful features that will allow you to perform mind boggling miracles with ease. Initially inspired by the beautiful Butterfly Playing Cards from Ondrej Psenicka, the Casino Royale Deck by Bombmagic and the Killer Bee Playing Cards by Ellusionist, Peter worked on a simple yet colorfully appeasing design that packs many secrets giving magicians the freedom to be creative and perform awesome magic. After designing and printing the first (of many) prototype 5 years ago, and getting feedback from a plethora of great magicians throughout its evolution, every detail was carefully optimized to help you flex your wizardry muscles to the max. Despite having many magical features, the weird and innocent looking design along with the familiar Bicycle® branding disarms spectators and prevents them from suspecting any trickery. You will entertain and fool everyone, even magicians!

Invoked comes from the Latin word “invocare” which means “to call upon”. The goal and purpose of this deck is to be “called upon” to help magicians achieve great magic and get amazing reactions.

The Bicycle Invoked Playing Cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on their Premium Crushed Stock with Air Cushion Finish and Traditionally Cut. With this stock and its colorful design, this deck will not only be great for magic, but will feel smooth and look mesmerizing for cardistry.

Each deck will include:
- A custom tuck box with magical secrets
- 56 playing cards with magical secrets: 52 standard playing cards, 2 identical jokers, a double backer and a special duplicate
- A document explaining the magical secrets and features of the deck
- Tutorials to some tricks that can be performed by the Bicycle Invoked Deck

With the Invoked Deck you can know the location of any card in a shuffled deck and cut to it instantly. You can also know the identity of a selected reversed card, or any missing card(s), without even spreading the deck. In addition to that, the cards have reader marks that are effortless to see by the performer, but cleverly camouflaged and concealed from the spectator. Despite handling the deck for several minutes, even seasoned magicians struggled to find the elusive marks. However, once you've learned how and where to look, spotting them becomes easy even from a distance.

To support local magic communities, this deck will only be available on our website and in brick and mortar magic stores. We will not wholesale to other online stores. Magic stores interested in wholesale pricing, please contact us directly.

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- Comments from people who saw and used the deck:


We are immensely grateful to the following people whose encouragement and support were instrumental in the process of bringing this deck to life and igniting our passion for magic:

Mathieu Bich 
Brent Braun
Shay Brunson
Keith Fields
Daniel Garcia 
Jeremy Griffith
Eric Jones
Eric Leclerc
Franco Pascali
Craig Petty
Mike Powers
Ondrej Psenicka
Jeremy Tan
Garrett Thomas
Gregory Wilson
Tiffany Mahan and the USPCC team
The Magician's Forum and its members
And everyone in Ring 22 - The Detroit Magic Club

Thank you!




    Posted by Steve on Apr 27th 2024

    Just received my shipment of strippers. Holy crap these are insanely good! Definitely the most dangerous deck I own, and I collect marked decks. 10/10!